Optimized IMG 2620Whenever internal or external threads are required on a plastic part, unscrewing molds are needed.

Some plastic parts, such as caps and closures with detailed threads, cannot be removed from the mold using standard knock-off methods. These molded parts must be carefully unscrewed from the injection mold to avoid damaging the threads during removal.

Unscrewing molds provide a simple, inexpensive, and highly reproducible solution for plastic components that require threading. These molds can be integrated directly into or onto the injection tool and are operated using your system's existing hydraulics.

At Prodigy Mold& Tool, we specialize in the manufacture of high-quality unscrewing plastic injection molds for threaded parts. We produce long-lasting molds that can increase your speed, productivity, and accuracy, with higher cavitations and faster cycle times.

Optimized IMG 2582To actuate the rotating cores, different drive systems can be incorporated. This action is coordinated with the press cycle, so that extraction occurs when the mold is opened. The most common way to achieve this is with a hydraulic cylinder mounted on a superstructure. The piston pushes racks down through the mold. These racks interface with gears on the cores and, along with a set of bearings, allow the cores to turn and unscrew from the part while it is ejecting.

Unscrewing Mold Applications

Reliable unscrewing molds are some of the more complex plastic injection molds that can be manufactured. These molds are typically utilized for high-volume applications where threaded plastic parts are needed. Such as:

  • Bottle caps
  • Shampoo bottles
  • Pharmaceutical supplies
  • Cosmetics packaging
  • Medical Supplies
  • Consumer goods
  • Container lids


Threaded plastic parts are typically required in high-volume applications (such as bottle caps or cosmetics packaging). Therefore, it's critical that unscrewing plastic injection molds operate at high speeds to clear molded parts quickly and immediately move on to the next cycle.

Prodigy's unscrewing molds not only avoid secondary, thread-cutting operations, and they reduce your cycle time. Reduced cycle times translate to cut costs.

At Prodigy, our superior-quality unscrewing molds will see you through a large number of production cycles, while requiring only routine preventative maintenance. Call us…we're geared for precision.

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