At Prodigy, we off a variety of precision machining services. Whether your project requires milling, drilling, turning, or a combination of these processes, our sophisticated equipment, and expert staff can meet your needs.

For instance, our CNC lathe can quickly and easily reduce the diameter of just about any workpiece. And our multi-task CNC mill/turn machine can produce complex workpieces in one operation. This machine simultaneously turns the workpiece while applying rotating tool operations, such as milling and cross-drilling.

We also offer high-speed milling, which is particularly suitable for milling cavities in hard surfaces, such as high-alloy steel tools. Need to have a graphite electrode milled? We can do that, too!


Optimized IMG 2696Damaged or prematurely worn injection molds can result in costly production delays. When a mold is not correctly set up, closes on an improperly ejected part, or is degraded by wear, our job is to get you back into production fast.

Also, product designs can change over time as need, capability, and market preferences dictate. That is where mold modifications come into play.

At Prodigy Mold & Tool, our experienced mold builders quickly assess the repairs or changes necessary to bring an injection mold back into service. We also offer preventive maintenance services. Either way, our goal is to help you keep your production downtime to an absolute minimum.

Our ability to repair or modify tight-tolerance injection molds has been a key to our success. After all, we've been repairing and maintaining plastic injection molds since 1996.

You can count on the Prodigy team to get you up and running!

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Prodigy Mold, located in Haubstadt, Indiana, is a manufacturer of high quality plastic injection molds and tooling for the medical, electronics, and consumer goods industries. Our specialties include precision plastic gears and auto-unscrewing molds.

We design and build for functional superiority based on years of experience in the industry.

Experienced tool makers, working with top-quality equipment and automation combine skill and technology for high-precision and productivity.

Service and support that's second to none ensure's reliable performance and productivity.



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