Creating Value with Experience and Relationships

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Prodigy Mold, located in Haubstadt, Indiana, is a leader in the manufacture of high-quality plastic injection molds and tooling for the automotive, medical, electronics, and consumer goods industries. We specialize in demanding applications like precision plastic gears, unscrewing molds, medical specialties, complex multi-action / multi-cavity molds and high cavity hot runner systems.


Since 1996, Prodigy Mold & Tool has provided outstanding molds with exceptional quality and value. We combine traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology in designing and producing the highest-quality injection mold tooling.

Originating in a 1 car garage with 2 employees in 1996 to a current state-of-the-art 15,000 square foot facility employing over 25 employees. Prodigy Mold and Tool, Inc. continues to grow its capabilities and staff to support the ever-evolving mold building industry.

Prodigy Mold Company History


Creating Value with Experience and Relationships...

Prodigy Mold and Tool Inc.’s purpose is to “Create Value with Experience and Relationships”

Prodigy Mold & Tool recognizes that “Value” is created for both our Customers and our Company when a highly trained and experienced workforce is combined with strong customer relationships. That value is represented in high quality products at reasonable prices built by our highly trained and seasoned employees. Furthermore, the more we get to know you and your business as a customer, the more efficient we become in both design and production resulting in shortened lead-times and lower costs.


Four long established core values guide Prodigy Mold & Tool in all that we do:

  • Integrity: Prodigy Mold and Tool always seek to demonstrate sound moral and ethical principals in all our dealings with customers, employees, suppliers, competitors and the community. Well respected, trustworthy, open, honest and humble are all a result of these moral and ethical principles.

  • Dependability: Dependability as a core value for Prodigy Mold and Tool means that our customers can trust that we’re doing what’s best for them throughout the course of their project. Our quality of work and attention to detail ensures that your products are reliable and meet or exceed your expectations.

  • Driven: Prodigy Mold and Tool is both mission and employee driven. Our company and its employee strive to deliver the best product at the best value to our customers while taking pride in the workmanship that goes into each project. Our employees are ambitious, self-motivated and eager to learn and excel at the latest in the tool making technologies that make us a leader in this trade.

  • Team Oriented: Our employees recognize both the necessity and value of teamwork in all our shop activities. As departmental workloads shift throughout the various stages of production of our many projects, our teams excel in supporting each other to get the job done right, and on time. Our employees are open to learning, knowledgeable, and sensitive to the intentions and feelings of their fellow employees (or what we call “People Smart”). As our employees say, “we have each other’s back”.


Prodigy Mold & Tool’s Proven Process is our proven way that we consistently provide quality products and services to our customers.  First Time, Every Time!

The Prodigy Mold ProcessOur proven process starts with a comprehensive understanding of our customers’ needs (during the discovery phase of the process) and ends with an assurance that we’ve met or exceeded our customers satisfaction. 

Prodigy Mold and Tool utilizes Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) combined with ongoing Employee Training and Development, to ensure that your tools are built to your quality standards consistently, and that our workforce is up to the challenge of supporting the most complex projects and tools. 

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What we make

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Plastic Injection Molds

Precision Gear Molds

Insert Molds

Auto-Unscrewing Molds

Prototype Tooling

Precision Machining

About Us

Prodigy Mold, located in Haubstadt, Indiana, is a manufacturer of high quality plastic injection molds and tooling for the medical, electronics, and consumer goods industries. Our specialties include unscrewing molds, gear molds, complex multi-action / multi-cavity molds and high cavity hot runner systems.

We design and build for functional superiority based on years of experience in the industry, while striving to build strong relationships with each of our customers.

Experienced tool makers, working with top-quality equipment and automation combine skill and technology for high-precision and productivity.

Service and support that's second to none ensure's reliable performance and productivity.



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Precision Plastic Gears

Custom Machining

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