Process Management

GK6A5592 prodigyAt the heart of every Prodigy Mold projects' success is our custom proprietary MRP System. From proposal through completion, all phases are carefully planned and tracked to ensure a successful outcome. Your mold is built accurately and delivered on-time, every time.

Quotes start with the entry of your RFQ information. Each specific job detail involved in the mold build is entered as well as materials required. The result is an accurate price, time estimate, and bill of materials, a clear roadmap for the mold build.

Once we receive an order, the quote is re-labeled as an open job and assigned a job number. As materials are received and work completed, employees enter the time and materials against the specific bill of materials and time. Current status is visually displayed on tablets as well as large displays located throughout the shop. Management and the entire crew have real-time job status.

GK6A5584 prodigyYears of thorough documentation provide an extensive knowledge base to accompany our wealth of experience. We can accurately quote and execute a wide range of work to meet your most rigorous requirements.

Prodigy Mold & Tool's unique MRP system is part of our proven system that ensures you a quality injection mold that exceeds your expectations for quality, performance, and on-time delivery.

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What we make

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Plastic Injection Molds

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About Us

Prodigy Mold, located in Haubstadt, Indiana, is a manufacturer of high quality plastic injection molds and tooling for the medical, electronics, and consumer goods industries. Our specialties include precision plastic gears and auto-unscrewing molds.

We design and build for functional superiority based on years of experience in the industry.

Seasoned tool makers, working with top-quality equipment and automation combine skill and technology for high-precision and productivity.

Service and support that's second to none ensure's reliable performance and productivity.



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